Saturday, June 28, 2008

Serger Crochet

Sewing with Nancy featured serger crochet techniques this morning. I wince when I hear the name serger crochet. Calling this fast way to create lacy trim crochet, devalues traditional crochet lovingly hooked by hand in endless combinations of stitches. Why couldn't they call it serger lace or serger trim, a more accurate description that doesn't detract from true handcrafted crochet.

Nancy Zieman and guest Joan Friedrich show how to create serger crochet trim in program #2106 of Sewing With Nancy. You use heavier thread in the serger loopers and the widest and longest stitch settings. After the first round of sergering, the project is positioned so that the new stitches are formed half on and half off the previous stitches. Ruffles can be created by shortening the stitch length on the last round(s) of stitching. BabyLock has a free serger crochet instruction sheet in pdf format.

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