Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Knit + Crochet = Afghan

16 square afghan

One more afghan of knitted squares completed by crocheting. Our Project Linus chapter is really low on blankets this summer, so I wanted to finish this rose and light blue afghan to turn in at our blanket group meeting this Sunday. I joined the last 3 squares yesterday and took it to my Monday evening quilt group to add the edging.

To join the squares, I did a simple single crochet, chain 1 edging around the knit squares. I do a single crochet, chain 1, single crochet in the corners. I do a join as you go technique by making a single crochet into the chain 1 space on the adjacent square instead of the chain 1. You can slip stitch into the space on the adjacent square instead of single crochet. If you want a more open join, you can *sc into the square you are edging, ch 1, sc into the ch 1 space on the adjacent square, ch 1, repeat from *. This technique works with crocheted squares also.

I'm nearing the end of the bag of knitted afghan squares that was bequeathed to me in April. This is the third afghan I've made from those squares and my friend, Diane, put one together also. I have 20 squares in navy and light blue left for one more afghan. I had not planned to join squares for a few days, but I got home with the finished afghan last night and those last 20 squares were calling to me. I got them out, figured out how to arrange them and crocheted around the first 2 squares. The third square joined the strip this morning.

strip of 3 afghan squares

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