Friday, May 21, 2010

Knitting Club - May 3rd -Thursday

Ah! Nothing like stitching and chatting with people who like to stitch and chat. My local library has a knitting club that meets the first and third Thursday afternoon of the month. I've been going for a couple of years and was there yesterday. I seldom miss the meetings as I love being with the group.

We're officially "Knits and Stitches", or something like that, on the library calendar. It was just "knitting club" until the beginning of this year. The name change was partly recognition that we regularly had crocheting in the group and occasionally quilting or embroidery. And partly because they combined the Monday evening quilt group with our group. Or tried to. Most of the Monday evening quilters aren't able to come in the afternoon.

So what are people working on? Here's a small sample. Warning: flash photography under fluorescent lights so colors are not the most accurate.

orange knit dishcloth

Bonnie was knitting a dishcloth using the classic diagonal garter stitch pattern. This weeks' dishcloth in progress is orange. The yarn is cotton; probably Sugar and Creme.

eyelash yarn scarf

Donna, a library staff person assigned to us, has been working on this peachy scarf for weeks. The eyelash yarn makes it look fancy, but it's a simple knit. She only works on it when our group is meeting.

Knit Ruana - back and front Knit Ruana - front half

Terri has been working on her Knit Ruana for ages and was down to the last 3 rows. It's knitted cuff to cuff, all in garter stitch with the ridges running vertically. Terri tied the center front together temporarily so the 2 fronts didn't go in opposite directions as she knitted.

The pattern is "Knit Ruana" by Annie Dempsey. Publisher is Oat Couture in Jacksonville, Oregon (©2005). It's one size with instructions for worsted, chunky or super bulky weight yarn. The pattern is available at Patternfish.

Knit Ruana - front detail

This photo shows the front detail on the ruana. Remember, Terri tied the fronts together temporarily so it was easier to work on. The pattern shows one side of the front overlapping the other with a decorative pin to hold it in place.

Knit Ruana - cuff

This is the corner of the front and the cuff at the cast-on edge of the ruana. Terri used Red Heart Fleck yarn in a dark wine color. This photo is closest to the actual color.

knitted sparrows nest

Cathy was finishing a pair of socks, but it was her show and tell that was the hit of the day. Cathy made this nest of blue eggs for Kathy's grandson. (Yes, we have 2 C/Kathy's in the group and they are neighbors.) The pattern is Sparrow's Nest from The Purl Bee.

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