Friday, July 02, 2010

Knitting Club - July - 1st Thursday

We had a good sized group at knitting club yesterday. I was working on the heel flap of one of the socks I'm knitting. The first hour, that mostly meant I was repeatedly picking up stitches that kept jumping off the needles. They finally got tired and quit misbehaving, so the second hour was much more productive for me.

sock - Cathy

Cathy was knitting the mate to this sock.

Drop Stitch Scarf - Cathy

Cathy also brought this drop stitch scarf to share. She's knitting it in a lovely ribbon yarn.

And there were lots of hats. Audrey is shipping the "Indian Hats" to the project organizer at the end of July. A woman in one of Audrey's other groups has made over 100 hats. Audrey will probably ship over 400 hats that she has made and collected from friends.

Top-knot Hat - Connie

Connie made this hat with a top-knot. This hat will go to Children's Mercy Hospital.

Hat - Kathy

Kathy gave Audrey this brightly colored Indian Hat and was knitting another one.

Hats - Bonnie

Bonnie brought these 4 hats to contribute to the project.

Hats - Sandy

Sandy gave Audrey these 6 hats yesterday. Audrey gives Sandy a lot of the variegated yarn that people give her.

Crochet edging on fleece - Sandy

Sandy was crocheting an edging on this light red fleece blanket. It's an unusual shade of red. Almost pink, yet still red.

Carol was working on a beautiful dark red afghan that was nearly finished. The knit and purl stitches created a marvelous, rich texture. My camera refused to capture any of the beauty of Carol's work. Despite repeated attempts, the photos I took are so bad, I'm not sharing them.

I wish everyone in the States a safe and happy 4th of July weekend.

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