Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

'Tis the season for secret projects. I've been making some of those. Here's a teaser from one.

part of secret project

I love the way the linen stitch looks in this variegated yarn. Unfortunately, I had trouble keeping a consistent stitch gauge in this worsted weight cotton yarn. I think I frogged more knitting than I deemed good and usable!

For the inquisitive, the yarn is Sugar 'n Cream, color number 19017, Desert Rising. It comes in 3 ounce (85 gram) / 150 yard (130 meter) skeins.

Towel Toppers

My mom's birthday is December 23rd. These towel toppers were part of her birthday gift that she opened yesterday, so this project is no longer secret.

towel toppers

I used the Plush Towel Toppers pattern from Craft Gossip as a guide. Instead of the blanket stitch across the folded edge, I used a cross-stitch needle and a loop of crochet thread to pull loops of yarn through the layers of terry cloth and did a foundation row of single crochet.

Gift Card Holder

Is anyone on your Christmas list getting a gift card? One of the e-newsletters I get had a link to a Crochet Gift Card Holder pattern on the Petals to Picots blog.

gift card holders

I made up my own pattern for these gift card holders. It's a quick way to add a personal touch to a gift card. HINT: They can also hold cash.

Crocheted Scrubbies

For this unsecret project, I cut strips of nylon net fabric about 1½" to 2" wide, hold 2 strips together and crochet with a size P (10.0 mm) crochet hook. When I near the end of strip, I overlap the next strip by about 2 inches and keep crocheting.

crocheted net scrubbies

I use a smaller crochet hook to pull the ending tail through a few stitches to hide it. The net catches on everything, so I don't worry about ends pulling out. I've made these before and there have never been any problems.

These scrubbies are useful in the kitchen or the bathroom. I'm letting the women in the family choose their scrubbie.

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it and Happy Holidays to all.

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