Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A Clean Sewing Machine . . .

before and after cleaning bobbin area of sewing machine

. . . is a happy sewing machine.

With all the sewing I've done lately, especially the fleece, I decided that I should clean the lint from the bobbin area of my machine. I don't do this as frequently as I should. Here is a before and after picture. A lot of the lint was under the bobbin case and not visible in the before picture (on top). The blue arrows point to a couple of areas that are visible. The after picture shows the lint I cleaned out on the left.

Clean your machine regularly and you won't have to pay for service so frequently. My favorite cleaning tool is a pipe cleaner. A pipe cleaner is flexible, fuzzy and fits into all sorts of places to pull out the lint. I learned to use a pipe cleaner from my Grandma B. I've used the same pipe cleaner for ages. I just pull the lint off of it.

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