Friday, May 11, 2007

Finishing and Starting

It's a lot easier to start projects than to finish them. I've been retired over a year and half, so I've got lots of crafting time. I should be making lots and lots of things, right? Wrong! The problem is that frequently my start button doesn't work and I'm doing nothing. At least nothing productive. The "get distracted" and "procrastinate" buttons work much better than the "start crafting" or "focus on this project" buttons.

9-patch quilt

I'm embarrassed to say this 9-patch quilt top stared at me for 11 months, patiently waiting for borders. In the last 3 days, I finally cut and sewed the borders. And sewed the backing fabric into the proper size for a twin-size quilt.

Quilts from Cornerstone members made 9-patch blocks after Hurricane Katrina. Newly retired me initiated the project and volunteered to turn the blocks into a bed-sized quilt. I finished a queen-sized quilt a year ago. By making a few more 9-patch blocks, there were enough to also make a twin-sized quilt. As the months passed, the project was neglected.

Our Quilts from Cornerstone leader, Jeanine, is resigning tomorrow. She now lives in Council Bluffs, Iowa and without our monthly meetings I won't see her very often. I asked Jeanine last month if she would quilt this twin-size quilt on her quilting machine. She said yes, so that gave me a deadline to get the borders added and the back ready. I have promised to bind the quilt once it is quilted. Hopefully, that won't turn into another exercise in procrastination.

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