Friday, May 07, 2010

Wacky Rail Fence - Free Quilt Pattern

Wacky Rail Fence quilt

I added the Wacky Rail Fence quilt pattern to my website since last October, but never announced it here. It's a great way to use scrap fabric. My friend, Jeanine, taught this block in our old Quilts from Cornerstone group. I changed the dimensions a little and wrote my own directions. The picture above was drawn in Electric Quilt 6.

The quilt below was made by someone in one of our Project Linus blanket groups. I shared the pattern with my Project Linus volunteers last October and some were really excited about it.

Wacky Rail Fence quilt

If order your stacks of blocks in the same order you stacked the fabrics to cut them (based on the center fabric in each block), you can create an nifty secondary pattern. Turn the blocks with the cuts going up and down and then turn every other block 90 degrees. You get a wonky H that repeats a couple of times in each row, like in the drawing at the top of this post. Or you can mix everything up like the quilt above.

Now that I have more time to work on my own projects, I'm looking forward to making a Wacky Rail Fence quilt. I've got a stack of rectangles cut. All I have to do is find them.