Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Some Quilting Getting Done

H-block quilt with lion cubs simple sashed block quilt

In the last couple of weeks, I've quilted 2 quilts I brought home from my second Saturday group, Quilts from Cornerstone. The H-block quilt above features a background fabric with lion cubs, maybe from The Lion King.

The simple, sashed block quilt on the left, features another theme print. The print is probably based on some cartoon or movie, but I have no idea what, since I'm never around kids. This is what I was trying to quilt when the light went dark on the sewing machine.

9-patch with Hourglasses quilt top

Remember the hourglass blocks that were too small at my Project Linus group last month? (see Busy Charity Quilting Weekend) I recut the triangles in the the correct size, so I could piece the 4 hourglass blocks. When I sewed the 5 blocks with nine-patch centers together with the 4 hourglass-centered blocks, I realized that the pink setting triangles made more hourglass blocks. And a giant pink star. Lots going on here. Now to decide what I'm using for a border. I make this up as I go along. Doesn't everyone?

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