Monday, July 17, 2006

Heat Wave

blanket made of strips of fleece

Why did I have a fleece blanket on my lap in the middle of a heat wave? Am I that committed to Project Linus or do I just need to be committed?

Our incoming blanket donations to the KC Project Linus chapter are way down this summer. More than the normal summer slowdown. So I'm trying to finish at least one or two blankets a week. It's not a lot, but it is more than I did when I was working. I still have several tops that need to be quilted.

This blanket is made from fleece scraps left from backing quilt tops. I'm getting the bulky fleece out of the house and the blanket was quick to make. The strips are however wide I could get from the scraps. Like the blanket made from the fleece squares on Saturday (see Blanket Making Birthday Party), the fleece is sewn wrong sides together with 3/4 inch seams. The black fleece is less stretchy which helps to stablize the seams.

Early this afternoon I was clipping the seam allowances on this fleece blanket. The outside temperature was on its' way up to 100 degrees. Fleece makes a lightweight blanket, but it is warm! I turned the fan up a notch to move the air faster, which helped. Tomorrow I'm sticking to machine quilting and keeping my lap empty.

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