Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Needlework at Missouri State Fair - Part 2

As promised, here are a few more of the needlework exhibits that were at the Missouri State Fair.

embroidered samplers

First: embroidery. Some things were hung above some of the glass display cases and I looked for items that were framed with no glass to avoid a reflection from the camera flash. I'm sure a lot of work went into these 2 samplers.

embroidered lighthouse

This lighthouse makes a striking display. I think it's counted cross-stitch, but I don't remember for certain. (Darn brain cells.) My mom likes lighthouses which is part of the reason I photographed this piece.

4-H exhibits, skirt and afghan

These last 3 photos are 4-H exhibits. Happily, there were few glass display cases in the 4-H building. Instead they used rope barriers to keep people from touching. The 4-H exhibits show that some of the younger generation is developing needlework skills. Some adults wish they could do needlework like some of the 4-H exhibitors.

This skirt has a youthful flair and I would love to see it worn. The afghan is pretty and lacey.

crocheted doily

I was impressed by this doily. I doubt I could do any better and I've been crocheting considerably longer than the 4-H exhibitor that made this.

crochet display

This 4-H exhibitor displayed an understanding of how the size of the crochet hook changes the size of the crochet fabric. This is something every crocheter should understand and apply to getting the correct gauge. Lately I've been making some crochet designs that are new to me and gauge is very important. I've spent a bit of time making swatches to determine the correct hook size for me to get the right gauge.

This is the last of my pictures from the fair that I will be sharing. I hope you enjoyed them.

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