Saturday, February 09, 2008

Hats for Charity - The January 5

A few of us knit and/or crochet hats for our local AT&T TeleCom Pioneers chapter. It started as a Caps for Kids project over a decade ago and now the caps go directly to City Union Mission. I've finished 5 hats/caps this year toward my goal of 48 hats.

knit cap in variegated yarn with solid brim

This cap was knitted from the top to the brim. I had a partial skein of variegated yarn and I wanted to use as much of it as I could. I hid the change to the solid avocado under the brim.

striped crochet cap

I call this a cap of many colors. I probably had less than 2 ounces of black and combined that with leftover bits of other colors to make a striped hat. I call the pattern a Formula Hat. I've yet to write down the pattern, but with the basic formula you can make a hats with different yarns and in different sizes.

spiral skull cap

This is a Spiral Skull Cap. It's half double crochet with front and back post double crochet. I used a wee bit of the varigated left from the knit cap above at the top and then switched to the avocado. This is an unpublished pattern I've made for a few years for charity. It's pretty quick to make.

striped crochet cap

I added some terra cotta and brown to the last of the avocado and made another striped Formula Hat. I used every last bit of those yarns.

knit cap with seed stitch band

This is another cap that I knit top down. I wasn't sure how far the light coral would go, but I knew I had plenty of the light coral and orange combined. I added a band of seed stitch to add some interest.

The contents of the drawer below have inspired me to make these scrappy hats. I have other yarn to make hats, but I'm in a bit of a clutter clearing mode right now.

yarn balls

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  1. Love the hats -- please, oh please, share your patterns. I'm always looking for great hat patterns and these look like they fit that category.

    Again, you inspire me to keep working on hats, quilts and afghans. I'm almost through with a ripple from your pattern -- a combination of a lovely soft rose, and a rose/cream/light brown variegated. Looking good!!