Friday, April 04, 2008

Hats for Charity - The March 4

I finished 4 hats in March for our local AT&T TeleComm Pioneers chapter to give to City Union Mission. That's a total of 13 hats/caps this year toward my goal of 48 hats.

crochet cap

I finished my nemesis. I adapted the teen/adult ribbed cap pattern (see my patterns page) to use a J hook with the pink & black Bernat Super Stripes boucle yarn. The hat is OK, but the pattern really wasn't a good match for the yarn.

crochet cap

Setting aside the remainder of the pink and black boucle, I grabbed some Lion Brand Jiffy yarn for a quick hat. Using a J hook, double crochet, and my Formula Hat pattern, I hooked this hat in less than 2 hours. (Sorry, I still haven't written down the pattern.) The color name for this pastel variegated yarn is Salem.

crochet cap

More Jiffy yarn, this color is El Paso. A Formula Hat in double crochet using a size J hook.

crochet cap

Yet another Formula Hat. Same specs as the last 2. I used the last of the El Paso Jiffy for the top, switched to the grape Jiffy left from one of the February hats and finished off with a couple of rounds of black Jiffy when I ran out of the grape.

I bought 4 skeins of Jiffy at the same time, with a bunch of JoAnns coupons, and tried to get colors that would go together. I bought a skein of pink at Micheals yesterday to go with the rest of the Salem skein.

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