Thursday, June 05, 2008

Some Quilting Accomplished

I'm with my fellow bloggers who ask where has the day/ week/ month/ year gone. Time speeds by, whether or not you pay attention. It takes consistently spending time in my quilting loft to get some quilting accomplished. It can be small blocks of time, but if I don't get to my sewing area 3 or 4 times a week, no quilting gets done.

flying geese quilt top flying geese quilt top detail

I've finished the quilt top made with the one-seam flying geese blocks. Ricky Tims demonstrates how to make these blocks near the beginning of Episode 107 at The Quilt Show. The finished goose size is 2½ by 5 inches and I made 70 geese.

If I make one-seam flying geese again, I think I'll make larger geese. For the math-challenged, here are a few possibilities.

Finished Size
Background Squares
Goose Rectangle
2½" x 5"3" x 3"3" x 5½"
3" x 6"3½" x 3½"3½" x 6½"
3½" x 7"4" x 4"4" x 7½"
colorful quilt

I've quilted the colorful quilt top my friend, Jodie, donated to our 3rd Sunday Project Linus group last month. The quilting design is a little more complicated than much of what I do on charity quilts. The quilting shows better on the orange flannel back.

quilt back

The blocks are about 12" square. Ditch quilting between the blocks plus quilting a diagonal grid left largish triangles that needed more quilting.

I put on my thinking cap and sketched a couple of blocks. Then I used colored pencils to trace a quilting pattern. After a couple of tries I had the design below.

quilting plan

Note: I created this design with pencil and paper, but it didn't scan well, so I redrew it on my computer to share here.

This morning I made a quilt top in less than 2 hours, start to finish, but I haven't had a chance to press and photograph it. I'll share it some other time.


  1. I may not be going to the correct site, but so far I haven't been able to find directions for the one-seam wild goose square. Any info?

    Love reading about your projects -- and I'm glad to get a knit cap pattern that doesn't have a seam and no intricate pattern. I'm a very basic knitter.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Granny J, The instructions are in the Episode 107 video. It's the first technique demonstrated.