Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Finally Did It


Look what the mail carrier brought me today! EQ6. I'm probably the last quilter in the world to own EQ. I've planned to buy Electric Quilt ever since EQ6 was released a year and a half ago. I saved gift certificates until a $50 gift certificate on July 7 finally gave me enough to buy EQ6. So why did I wait another 2½ weeks to order?

Now I have to install the software and learn to use it. I think it's the learning part that made me put off buying the software. I tried to use Quilters Design Studio several years ago and never learned enough to use it well. I think I'm afraid that learning EQ will be too time consuming for my attention span.

I think I'll spend some time reading the manual before installing the software. Wish me luck.

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