Wednesday, August 13, 2008

UFO/Scrap Busting Report - 8/12/08

I know today's is the 13th, but this is a report of yesterday's UFO and Scrap Busting status. I drove home from my mom's yesterday and by the time I unloaded, unpacked, went through a week's mail and caught up on a few things, I was too tired to write.

11 rows of granny's daughter granny's daughter closeup

There are now 11 rows assembled on the Granny's Daughter afghan. This is probably the most time consuming UFO I targeted for completion this month.

scrap cap in progress

Monday, I started turning scrap yarn balls into a hat. I crocheted on it in the bank lobby while my mom took care of her banking. I crocheted on it at my niece's house while 2 great-grandmas met their new great-grandson, Jackson, born last Thursday, August 7.

I'm crocheting in a continuous spiral, attaching a new ball of yarn whenever the current one runs out. No worries about whether I have enough yarn left for another round. I'm crocheting over the yarn ends as I go so there won't be a lot of finish work.

cat and foot

When I was taking these pictures at my mom's yesterday, my little brother decided that my feet were more interesting than my crochet.

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  1. Sounds like your mom is doing well -- that's good news.

    Do you have a pattern to share for the spiral crocheted cap -- I have lots of little leftovers and the look of all the colors together is great.

    Happy crafting!