Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yellow Brick Road

Yellow Brick Road quilt top

I finished the Yellow Brick Road quilt top made with fat quarters I bought at Margie Pearls. The blocks have been sewn together nearly 2 weeks. Today, I finally had the opportunity to add the borders.

I modified the design in 2 ways.

  • The block size is 8¼" instead of 9".
  • I did a narrow ¾" inner border and a 1¼" pieced outer border, instead of a wide solid border.

The Yellow Brick Road pattern is published by Atkinson Designs. The smallest quilt in the pattern instructions is 48" x 57" (36" x 45" without the border). I wanted a slightly smaller quilt for Project Linus. I modified the pattern measurements as follows.

Pattern Measurement 3½"5"6½"9½"
My Measurement 3¼"4 5/8"6"8¾"

My measurements produce blocks that are ¾" smaller than the pattern design. This reduces the quilt width 3 inches.

Yellow Brick Road quilt top close up

Since the blocks are smaller, I had bits of leftover fabric. I was determined to not add all those pieces to my scrap drawer. The most usable width from the leftover bits was 1¾". Thus the outer pieced border is 1¼".

I like the resulting quilt top. I'll add the remaining fat quarters from Margie Pearls to one of my Project Linus fabric bins and that fabric will no longer clutter my quilting space.

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