Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Project Linus - Third Sunday Group - November

What an exhausting Sunday afternoon I had on November 16. Our 3rd Sunday group met at JoAnns in Independence, MO.

We arrived to find 3 bags of afghans that had been left for Project Linus. JoAnns is not one of our drop-off points. On those rare occasions when someone brings donations when we aren't meeting, the store has been kind enough to put them in the classroom we use.

bags of afghans

These 2 bags contain 20 afghans. The 3rd bag, a big, black, 30 gallon trash bag was packed tight and tied shut. It contained 24 afghans, each afghan was one giant granny square.

I brought some fleece blankets to rework. Some were too small and needed to be stitched together into larger blankets. Some were 2 layers, which are too warm and heavy for hospitalized children. An 11 year old was joining us and changing 2-layer fleece blankets into 1 layer blankets was a project for him.

small fleece blankets2-layer fleece blanket

Jodie and I made 5 small fleece blankets into 2 larger ones before Nancy arrived with 61 finished blankets. Louise had brought Project Linus labels, so we switched from working on fleece to sewing labels on blankets.

Nancy ties all of her quilts and clearly buys in quantity when she finds a bargain. Here are some of her quilts with the Project Linus label sewn on.

quilts with Project Linus labels

And 3 more stacks.

3 stacks of quilts

This is just 2 examples of the string quilts Nancy made. They are all quite colorful. I don't enjoy stitching string quilts, but I love seeing what others make.

string quilts fleece decorated with doll panel cut outs

Nancy had some solid color fleece which was too plain and boring to suit her. So she decorated it. Ever have one of those preprinted panels with doll or pillow cutouts and you don't want to make dolls or pillows? Use it spice up some solid color fleece. Or applique it onto plain cotton for an easy applique quilt.

fleece decorated with pillow panel cut outfleece decorated with pillow panel cut outs
fleece decorated with bold print

This fleece blanket is decorated with a strip of bright, bold fabric.

I apologize for the lateness of this report. I started writing this 6 days ago, didn't have time to finish, and just today got back to it.

My new Project Linus job is consuming my life. It will be a real challenge to have gifts to give at Christmas, not to mention a baby gift for my cousin who is expecting in January. I recently joked that I'm working on gifts 20 to 30 minutes at a time, every other day. The scary part is that is pretty much the truth.

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