Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bunny Roundup

I spent this morning packing up unsold garage sale items and rounding up dust bunnies. I use 2 folding tables by my sewing machine to support quilts. The tables were still in the garage and I wanted to round up the dust bunnies before putting the tables back.

dust bunnies

The dust bunnies are part of why I procrastinate on putting things back to their pre-garage sale state. The 2 folding tables have U-shaped metal legs. I wrap the legs with strips of felt to protect the wood floor.

table leg wrapped in felt

I take the felt off to use the tables on concrete for the garage sale. It's not hard or time consuming to rewrap the table legs, but I always put it off.

The tables are a pain to carry up and down stairs, which may be the real reason I put it off. They are fairly light, compared to the hard plastic tables that are so common today. The tables fold in half and have a handle. But they're 30" wide and I'm short, so it's a struggle to not drag them on the floor when I carry them.

I still have to rewrap the legs on one table. Then I can get back to some quilting.

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