Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Learning EQ7 - Part 4

Find a list of all the articles in this series on the Learning EQ7 Series page. The sidebar also has a link to the series page.

Video 7 - Working on a Project and Printing

Duration: 4 minutes, 43 seconds

This video started with a review of previous lessons. The following design capabilities were introduced.

  1. The Swap All Colors tool changes one color (fabric) to another all over your quilt design. For example, click a pale orange on the color/fabric palette then click a yellow patch on the quilt. All the yellow patches are now colored pale orange.
  2. When using the Set Block tool, if you hold the ALT key when you click on the quilt, the block will be set into every other space on the quilt.

Remember to click the 'Add to Sketchbook' button to save your design when you are done designing.

To print your quilt, click the 'Print' button and choose 'Quilt.' A window appears that displays the quilt, quilt name and printing options. Quilt names and project names are different. Video 5 showed how to name a quilt in the Sketchbook.

You can preview the printout before printing. You can also print the fabric yardage for your design.

Before printing a pattern, you have to select the part of the quilt you want to print a pattern for. Click the 'Select' tool (the arrow) at the top of the toolbar in the right column and then click on a block. A frame appears around the block to show it is selected.

Click on the 'Print' button and there are now options to print the Block, Foundation Pattern, Templates or Rotary Cutting instructions.

Video 8 - What If I Just Want a Pattern?

Duration: 3 minutes, 38 seconds

You don’t have to design a quilt to print a pattern. You don’t have to create a project or open an existing project. Instead, go to the block library and add the block you want to the Sketchbook.

Close the Block Library and open the Sketchbook. Click on the block in the Sketchbook and click the Edit button to open the block in the block worktable. Click the 'Print' button and you have options to print the Block, Foundation Pattern, Templates or Rotary Cutting instructions.

Type the size you want to make your block and click preview. If you are printing templates, you can rotate and move the individual pieces. If you can move everything so it fits on fewer pages, the blank page won’t print.

I'll talk about Video 9, Print the Lessons, in Part 5. Continuing to the 10th and last video . . .

Video 10 - Find Help Yourself!

Duration: 3 minutes, 8 seconds Video 10 introduces some of the ways to get help in EQ7. To get started, click 'Help' on the top menu bar and check out the options. This is where you go when you want one of the lessons provided in EQ7.

Also under 'Help' is "How Do I?" with How to's on Blocks, Quilts, Images, Printing and General topics. Inside each section are step-by-step instructions for things they think we may want to do. You can print each topic, if you like.

The dialogue windows that pop up for various tasks have a help button in the lower right corner. Click on that button and you'll go straight to the help page for what you are doing.

On the top toolbar, the button with the question mark turns Dynamic Help on and off. Click to turn Dynamic Help on and then hover the mouse pointer over any button. Information about what that button does will be displayed. Click the button with the question mark again to turn Dynamic Help off.

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