Sunday, August 21, 2011

Blazer to Backpack

I would never look for a fiber-craft project in the Sierra Club magazine. But the September/October issue arrived in my mailbox this week and there on page 9 was the Blazer Backpack. The idea is to repurpose an unused jacket and turn it into something useful.

The instructions for making the Blazer Backpack are on the website in the form of a 16 step slide show. The project is rated with a difficulty level of 3 if you sew (9 if you don't sew). The magazine says the backpack is based on a project by Rob Czar at

This could be a fun project for that gently used jacket that doesn't fit any more. It could also be an excuse to go shop at the thrift store.

1 comment:

  1. These slides reminds me of DD#2 and my adventures with old jeans.

    DD#2 just finished a jeans tote/laptop carrier for a friend of hers. She lined with pink print fabric.