Monday, March 19, 2012

Design Wall Monday

center of Hugs and Kisses quilt

This is my first ever Design Wall Monday post. I was stitching these blocks together this morning and said to myself, "You ought to take a picture and write a Design Wall Monday post." So here it is. Dangerous thing is I've turned the computer on hours earlier than normal which could sidetrack me for the rest of the day!

3D bow tie quilt blocks

I finished these 3 dimensional Bow Tie blocks about a month ago. I stitched part of them as leaders/enders during another project. Since I finished the Checkerboard Squares quilt Saturday, I decided it was time to get back to these blocks.

Yesterday evening, during commercial breaks in the Harry Potter movie on ABC Family Channel, I stuck the blocks on my design wall, twisting and turning to get as many seam allowances nested together as possible. There are 2 places where I could not find a way to nest the seam allowances and had to stitch through 6 layers of fabric instead of 4.

This morning, with Dr. Who on BBC America, I sat down and stitched the blocks together. I also cut the inner border from the blue background fabric and attached half of those strips. The outer border will be more of the darker print.

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  1. Bow tie blocks are one of my favorites. I really like the look of this layout. Welcome to Design Wall Monday!