Monday, March 04, 2013

Danger! Fiber Fumes

I kept hearing about a secondhand store that sells fabric and yarn. A couple of women in our Knits & Needles group at the library had been there.

After our Knits & Needles meeting about a month ago, I headed across town to buy groceries at Aldis. I decided to go a few blocks out of my way to check out this secondhand fabric and yarn store. Just a quick look to see what it was all about. Not shopping. Certainly not buying. Just looking.

Fabric Recycles is a resale store with 2 locations in the Kansas City metro area. They sell fabric, notions, trims and yarn. They buy from people who are reducing their stashes and from estates of those who failed to outlive their stash and didn't take it with them.

I was just looking. Research for possible future shopping, right?

crocht thread and fabric

So why did these three items come home with me? Why?

It's those fiber fumes. They're dangerous. Wander around in a store full of fiber and you'll be overcome by the fumes.

The blue crochet thread will be used to make some patriotic bows/ribbons. I have red, white and blue crochet thread in my stash, but the blue is a sky blue. This royal blue will look much better in the bows/ribbons.

Take a closer look at the fabric.

trains and monster trucks

My 4½ year old grandnephew loves any mode of transportation: cars, trucks, buses, planes, trains, construction equipment. You name it. If it moves, he'll love it. So the fabrics with the railroad cars and monster trucks will be stashed away for a potential future quilt for said grandnephew. No prediction on when it will get stitched.

Prices at Fabric Recycles are certainly better than your local quilt or yarn shop for comparable merchandise. Cotton quilting fabric was $4 a yard. However, some of the merchandise was stuff you find at chain stores and for that yarn and fabric, you'll likely save money or at least break even shopping the sales and using coupons at the chain stores.

Watch out for those fiber fumes. You may find your actions are uncontrollable when you are under the influence.