Saturday, July 15, 2006

Blanket Making Birthday Party

Today is my 50th birthday. My mom and 2 stepsisters came up and we fixed quesadillas for lunch. Then we made blankets for Project Linus, with only a little coaxing by me.

My mom had warned me that she wouldn't sew on the machine but had said that she would do hand-sewing (something I mostly avoid on Project Linus blankets). I had layered a quilt with batting and backing, stitched around the outer edge and turned it right side out, ready for the opening to be sewn closed. Something for Mom to do.

Sharon claims no sewing skills at all, but said she'd be happy to trace pictures onto muslin for our Kids Helping Kids project. So I found the box of tracing supplies and got out the card table and she went to work. When Mom finished the little sewing project I gave her, she traced pictures also.

rag-style fleece blanket

Susie and I went upstairs to my sewing area and started by arranging some 8 inch squares of fleece. I cut the squares from fleece left over from backing some quilt tops. I sewed the squares with wrong sides together and 3/4 inch seams. When I finished the stitching, I took it downstairs and let Sharon start clipping the seam allowances to create the rag effect. The clipping is about half done right now. When finished, this will be a soft, cuddly blanket.

baseball themed quilt

While I sewed the fleece squares together, Susie sewed borders on a baseball-themed pillow panel to make a quilt top and started a second one, just like the first. When I finished sewing the fleece, I cut a piece of twill fabric to back the first baseball top and started finishing it with the pillowcase method. I got as far as topstitching around the outside edge before the family had to head home. Susie almost finished sewing the borders on the second baseball top. There's just 1 strip left to sew on. I plan to sew the last border strip on tomorrow and finish the quilting on the first baseball quilt.

All in all, a fun day. My mom even suggested that I bring the picture tracing supplies to her house the next time I visit. I think she enjoyed it. For more about my 50th birthday, read Nifty Fifty on my other blog.

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