Thursday, July 06, 2006

Neglected Embroidery Project

partly embroidered tea towel

I mentioned in My Favorite Crafts that I have an embroidery project that I started 6 months ago. This kitchen tea towel of a chef preparing food is that project. Sorry the picture isn't better. My camera didn't like the white towel.

My stepsister's mother-in-law (SSMIL) prepared a set of towels using iron-on embroidery transfers to apply the pictures. She enlisted family members to embroider the towels for my 22 year old neice. My stepsister got our side of the family involved. This started last November. I assumed it was a Christmas gift, but it wasn't. Relieved I put the towel away.

In January, I pulled it out to work on. First crisis. I have no idea what colors to use. I've never seen the original pattern. Talked to my mom. She knew of no color guidelines and it's just whatever we want. My evening quilt group helped me pick out some floss and I got started. It actually went pretty well for a while. My stitches look good even if I haven't done any embroidery other than counted cross-stitch for 2 decades.

The towel got put away for a while. I finally got it out to work on again. Crisis #2: Few of the remaining lines in the picture are easy to see. There's a window with curtains and flowers behind the chef's head and you can barely seen them in really, really good light. I stress out and put it away again. Did that a couple of times over the course of 6 or 8 weeks.

I took the towel with me to the family 4th of July gathering this week. SSMIL is there and I produce my towel, plead poor eyesight and faded embroidery design. SSMIL went back to her house, a few blocks away, and got the pattern. I now have the original embroidery transfer pattern to help figure out what the design is. Maybe with some good light and the pattern I'll be able to get motivated to finish the embroidery.

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