Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My Scrap Basket

basket of fabric scraps

I hate to throw things away. I put all my leftover fabric strips, trimmings from quilt backs, etc. in this basket. It is filled to overflowing. I've got to start making something from all these scraps. There are pieces that are 15 years old!

I've started to work on getting some of the scraps in shape to sew. The bags in front of the basket are the result of that effort.

  • 2 ziplock bags of 4½ inch squares to make "Crazy Cut-up 9 Patch" blocks.
  • One bag of 1½ inch squares for little 9 patches (left from a Burgoyne Surrounded quilt 10 years ago).
  • A bag of small pieces and a gallon bag with strips that I've trimmed the selvage and/or uneven edges off of. I'm planning to try out the "Mile a Minute" pattern by Carol Coski. It is in the Winter 2000 issue of American Quilter.

That is for starters. Then maybe I'll try the Chinese Coins pattern. If you have any ideas on semi-quick ways to use scraps, please leave a comment with your suggestion.

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