Saturday, July 08, 2006

Craft Night

My 2nd Saturday of the month charity quilting group had a craft night last night from 6 to midnight. Friends were invited. We brought whatever personal project we wanted to work on. Some brought their sewing machines and stitched quilt pieces. Some brought knitting, crochet or scrapbooking. We had a lot of girl talk and a lot of fun. Some of us chose not to stay until midnight.

brown and white feather and fan afghan

I accomplished 2 goals that I had for the evening. The first was to start working on this feather and fan afghan that my younger stepsister gave me several years ago. The last dozen or so rows had reversed the knit and purl sides. I ripped those rows out last night, got the stitches back on the needles and determined that my left-handed stepsister knits from left to right. I'm right-handed, so I'm purling when the pattern says knit and knitting when it says purl. I did 10 rows last night and the knit and purl sides are staying where they belong.

quilt with crayon blocks

The second goal I accomplished was to get someone to do some tying in the picture blocks on this crayon quilt. On Thursday and Friday I quilted in the ditch between the blocks and between the borders. I also free-motion quilted the outlines of the hearts. The blocks are 7½ inches, so the picture blocks needed something to hold the layers together,but I didn't want to quilt them and I don't like to tie. My friend Jodie volunteered. Thanks, Jodie!

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