Thursday, July 27, 2006

Feels Like Christmas

Essential thread

Look what the mail carrier brought me this week! Twenty-five spools of "Essential" thread from the Connecting Threads catalog. I almost ordered some last February when it first came out, but I spent too long making up my mind and they sold out. It's back!

"Essential" thread is 100% extra long staple Egyptian cotton, size 50/3. There are 1,200 yards per spool. The spools are slightly longer and bigger around than a large spool of Swiss Metrosene or Gutterman thread. The cost is $1.99 per spool or $1.59 per spool if you buy a set. I bought 3 sets: neutrals, brights and pastel. I like to keep a variety of colors of thread handy as I never know what color I'll need next on charity projects. Hopefully, I'll have time to use some of it next week.

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  1. I've been thinking about ordering their neutral set as those shades are what I use most. I read a few days ago on someone's blog (sorry can't remember whose) that it was pretty good thread. They said it was a bit thicker than aurifil but much cheaper so a very good value.