Monday, August 07, 2006

Stash Size - How Big is Yours?

The crocheters on the CrochetTalk group have been talking about being yarnaholics and the size of their yarn stashes. My yarn stash doesn't begin to compare with these women, even if you include the Project Linus yarn I have stored. I take yarn to an 89 year old woman who makes about 50 afghans a year for Project Linus. She just called and I need to go see her this week.

Some of the women in the Stash Quilts webring and their friends have challenged each other to not buy any fabric during the month of August and just use their fabric stash to make quilts. I think LA Quilter, Vicky, started the challenge and has named it the "Great Fabric Depression of August 2006". JudyL of Sunshine Quilts has finished A Total Stash Quilt for her niece since the challenge started.

My fabric stash is a bit more extensive than my yarn stash, but I would have a tough time making a 100% stash quilt from my personal stash. I have more fabric in my Project Linus stash. The Project Linus fabric is stored in two 64 quart tubs with some overflow. Since I retired last fall, I've been very restrained about adding to the PL stash. There have been a few purchases of fabric to use as backgrounds. I realized in February that I had a lot of medium to dark fabrics, but not much to go with them for the background area of a block or quilt. I've bought a couple of pieces that were good for quilt backs from the clearance fabric at Hobby Lobby.

My production of quilts and other blankets for Project Linus is greater than when I was working, but still significantly smaller than what some people do. I think I've used most of the stuff I bought for backs, though there is some flannel from before retirement. The overflow from the 2 tubs has shrunk over the last 10 months. I've used a good bit of the batting I had on had last fall, but I purchased a 110 inch by 10 yard roll of Warm Blend when JoAnns had a special purchase and a 40% off coupon, so I'm still well supplied with batting.

So what's in your stash and how do you use it? Or not use it?

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