Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Review: 100 Best Full-Size Quilt Blocks & Borders

100 Best Full-Size Quilt Blocks & Borders is a large hardback book that opens to reveal spiral bound pages. All the blocks are 9 inches square and the complete block is drawn full size. The facing page has some high level instructions, a suggested project and photos of 2 completed blocks. The block patterns are divided with about 2/3 pieced and 1/3 applique. Designers Phyllis Dobbs, Mimi Shimp, Lucie Sinkler, and Retta Warehime contributed to this book.

This is not a book for beginners. The instructions provided are high level. There are no rotary cutting instructions. If you hand-piece, you can readily make templates from the block diagrams. If you machine piece, you need to trace the pieces from the block diagram and add seam allowances before cutting your template.

I recommend checking this book out of your local library before you decide to buy it. Flip through it and see what inspires you. There are other books with more patterns than this one has.

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