Saturday, November 18, 2006

Second Saturday Charity Quilting - November

quilts for Project Linus

It's now the 3rd Saturday, but this belated entry shares the highlights of our "Quilts from Cornerstone" meeting last Saturday. We had accumulated a lot of quilt tops, so a "finish it up" day was declared. We spent last Saturday layering quilt tops with backs and batting and turning them into finished quilts, or something closer to being finished. At the end of the afternoon, our coordinator, Jeanine, gave me 9 finished quilts for Project Linus. The photo above shows the variety of fabrics and quilt designs. I quilted the blue / green with hearts quilt on the right.

Meet the Moonbeamers quilt top

Jodie was busy between meetings, as usual, and arrived with this colorful "Meet the Moonbeamers" quilt top she had made. It was displayed on the bulletin board last Saturday and will be finished later. Below is a closer view of the top left corner of the quilt top.

Meet the Moonbeamers quilt top detail

Updated Craft Blog Links

I finally updated my blog template. The "Favorite Craft Blog" links in the left column now take you to Judy's new Sunshine Quilts blog and Drew's new Crochet Dude blog. New being a relative term. It's been a while since they moved.


  1. Hi - Are you able to share the pattern for the Moonbeamers Quilt? I have some Thomas the Tank Fabric that I think would be perfect to use in that pattern. Thank you, Molly

  2. Molly, I didn't make the Moonbeamers quilt; my friend, Jodie did. I don't know that there is a pattern. I assumed that she bought coordinating fabric and cut strips the the same length as the Moonbeamer squares and squares of the bubble fabric the same width as the strips and sewed it all together. That's what I would do.

  3. Your quilts are absolutely stunning!! Gorgeous! Thanks for helping so many. =)