Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Busy Charity Quilting Weekend

This past weekend I had charity quilting groups meeting on both Saturday and Sunday. This happens anytime the first day of the month is on Sunday or when Project Linus schedules a city-wide event on the 3rd Saturday.

National Make a Blanket Day

Project Linus of Greater Kansas City observed National Make a Blanket Day on Saturday. We met at a local children's hospital.

Sample Quilt and Blankets ready to deliver

The project quilt for the day was made with 4" by 6½" rectangles. Four columns of 7 rectangles and 3 columns of 6 rectangles with partial rectangles on each end. The sample quilt in the photo belongs to the chapter coordinator's grandson. There are 10 bags of 10 blankets ready to deliver in the foreground.

I wasn't thrilled with trying to sew all those rectangles together in a crowded work environment with no space to create an arrangement. I jumped on the request to cut binding for some prequilted Snoopy panels and spent the day binding panels. Even doing it all by machine, I was only able to bind 3 quilts in 5.5 hours. I also mended rips in 2 of the panels.

Crayon Quilt Challenge Winner

Saturday was also the viewer choice voting to select the winner of the crayon quilt challenge. The crayon blocks were colored by local youth groups. Several people set the crayon squares together with sashing or alternated with solid squares of fabric, but some blanketeers were more creative. The winning quilt (above) was made by my friend Jodie. There are more photos in the photo gallery on our Project Linus chapter website.

My challenge quilt? Well, I brought the crayon squares home last October and they are AWOL. I searched extensively for them at least twice, plus shorter searches, and they are doing a very good job of hiding.

Third Sunday Project Linus Group

Bars Quilt Top

Sunday was our regular Project Linus group that meets at JoAnns. A couple of people had rectangles left from Saturday and did another quilt top from the rectangles. The twins brought 9" strips of fabric and instructions for an Amish bars quilt (6 strips per quilt, you cut the 9" strips into 2 narrower strips). The fabric selection was not Amish. I brought some blocks I'd found while searching for my challenge blocks and sewed them into a top. Then I picked some wild strips and made the bars quilt top below. The orange strips are pumpkins and the yellow-green ovals are skulls.

SusanB's Bars Quilt Top Christy's quilt blocks

Christy had brought her own project. She sewed some small blocks and combined them into larger blocks. Late in the afternoon, this was coming out the back of her machine.

Thankfully, I have no charity quilting groups for a couple weeks and the sewing machine can stay home for a while.

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