Monday, April 16, 2007

Busy Charity Quilting Weekend - April

The stars and planets aligned just so causing the second Saturday and the third Sunday of the month to be on the same weekend. I had a fun, busy weekend with my friends in my 2 charity quilting groups. (Click on any picture for a larger view.)

Charlie Brown quilts

Saturday, the Quilts from Cornerstone group, concentrated on transforming quilt tops into finished quilts. The 2 quilts above were dubbed the Charlie Brown quilts due to the black zig-zag design. My friend Jodie (on the right) made the tops. Jodie loves bright fabrics. Allyn (on the left) and I did the quilting. At the end of the day, our leader Jeanine, gave me 11 finished quilts for Project Linus. I took 2 quilts home that are basted ready to quilt. I'll finish them before our meeting next month.

Sunday afternoon was our monthly Project Linus group that meets at Jo-Anns in Independence, MO. I took the quilts from the Cornerstone group to turn in and, of course, some show and tell happened. The blue and green quilt on the left is another top that Jodie made. The blocks are leftover bits she sewed together from another quilt she made.

stars quilt

Debby, a former coworker of Jodie and I, joined us yesterday and finished 3 quilts, including the stars quilt on the left, by tying them with crochet thread. Jodie also tied a couple of quilts. Christy and Lucille did some some machine quilting, so there were lots of finished blankets by the end of the afternoon.

9-patch quilt in progress

My project for the day was continuing work on the blocks at left. I sewed the pink triangles to the 9-patch blocks to finish making the 6 inch blocks into 12 inch blocks. I sewed the 4 hourglass blocks. Unfortunately, I cut those triangles with a special triangle ruler on which I misread the markings. The hourglass blocks are 1/2 inch too small. I'll have to cut more triangles and sew some more. What a hardship. Ha! To console myself, I went and bought 12 pounds of yarn (on sale!) for Dolores, our 90 year young Project Linus volunteer.

feather and fan afghan

Final note: I turned in this afghan at the Project Linus group yesterday. I most recently wrote about this afghan in Happy Day on March 8. I call it my "albatross" because it sat around so long between work sessions and because it took me soooooooooooo long to weave in the yarn ends from all of those color changes. I'm so happy that it is done and gone!

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