Friday, April 20, 2007

Meet Dolores

Dolores and her afghans

When I showed the yarn I bought last Sunday to our Project Linus group, I said, "Now when Dolores calls, and Dolores will call, I have yarn for her."

Debby asked, "Who's Dolores?" I explained that she was our 90 year-young Project Linus volunteer.

Dolores called on Wednesday. I visited her this morning taking 10 or 12 pounds of yarn and my camera. This is Dolores with 3 of the 7 afghans she had ready today. She has kept a record of all the afghans she's made for Project Linus. The seven she gave me today makes a total of 530 afghans in less than 10 years.

While I was there, Heather, Dolores's granddaughter arrived. The 3 of us visited. I had my copy of American Patchwork, True Stories from Quilters and shared my story, "Orange Curse", with them.

Dolores told us about her mother's quilting. Dolores's mother made a Broken Star quilt for the minister. When the top was pieced, it was too big, so she took it all apart, cut down all of the pieces and sewed it together again. What an incredible amount of work! Fortunately, it was just the quilt design the minister was hoping for and he loved it.

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  1. I'm pleased to make the aquaintance of Dolores. :-) She reminds me very much of Petey. Petey was my uncle's MIL. Mrs. Pete, but everyone called her Petey. She lived into her 90s and ALWAYS had a crochet hook in her hand every time I saw her. She made the most beautiful afghans. Mama had one. I wonder what happened to it?