Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My Kingdom for a Light Bulb

MC8000 light bulb

Yesterday evening, I sat down to wind a bobbin and thread my sewing machine to quilt. Gee, it seems sort of dark. No light shining on the sewing area.

Searching, I finally found this pea-sized light bulb, about ¼" wide. After 13½ years, the bulb in my New Home (aka, Janome) Memory Craft 8000 died.

Is there any place near home that I can get a new bulb? Of course not. I have to drive 14 miles, one way, to the nearest authorized Janome dealer to get a replacement. Cost: $12 plus tax plus nearly a gallon of gasoline. For one pea-sized light bulb! Then the clerk warns me not to touch it. So how the heck I am supposed to put the new bulb in the machine?

Let there be light. Please!

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