Saturday, February 16, 2008

National Make a Blanket Day 2008

Snuggle Up quilt top

Today was National Make a Blanket Day. Our Project Linus chapter met from 9 am to 1 pm to make blankets. This is the Snuggle Up quilt top I made. I still need to quilt it.

Snuggle Up quilt top detail

I usually have difficulty putting more than 3 or 4 fabrics together from my stash and look at this -- 9 different fabrics. Some of the fabrics definitely would not look good next to each other, but kept separate and mixed with other fabrics they look fine. I like the way it came together and several people said they liked my fabrics.

Snuggle Up quilt top

My friend Jodie is known for using lots of bright fabrics and she liked my top. This pink, blue and white quilt top is what she stitched together this morning. Rather pastel and out of character for Jodie, but a great quilt top.

We had a good number of people attend today. We've had larger turnouts, but it is nice to not be crowded. Everyone had a great time. Fabric was stitched and cut and restitched. The twins, Louise and Lucille, timeshared a sewing machine since one forgot to bring the power cord for her machine. Blankets were tied or quilted. Labels were stitched to finished blankets. By the end of our meeting, 60 blankets were labeled, counted, and bagged ready for delivery to local hospitals. And a few more were ready for labels.

The 60-plus finished blankets includes blankets that were brought in already finished in addition to blankets we finished this morning. I arrived with 3 blankets I had made plus 2 that were ready to tie. Wanda (a.k.a., "Mom") spent the morning layering several tops with backs and stitching them ready to tie. I think they all got tied.

There was a pile of material looking for new homes. Anything not adopted was going in the trash. There really wasn't anything I was interested in. Most of it was fabric scraps, but there was also a gallon zipper bag of unfinished granny squares. Nobody wanted it. At the end of the meeting, they were trying to get things adopted. Jodie picked up the bag of granny squares and said "Susan, why don't you take these? You do such wonderful things with stuff like this."

unfinished granny squares

Then one of the twins joined the coercion and look what came home with me. I have no idea what I'm going to do with these. I have is the unfinished squares. No matching yarn to finish the gold centers and the red and blue squares are from a different game altogether. This is way different than a bunch of finished granny squares that just need to be joined into an afghan.

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  1. If you want to send me those unfinished squares, I will make them squares and send them back to you to join...