Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Grand Sierra Knee Socks - A Frogging We Go

2 pattern repeats of knee sock

My Grand Sierra Knee Socks are going to be wonderful if I ever get them knitted. This is what they looked like with the ribbing and 2 pattern repeats done.

I tried them on and decided that I need more stitches. They stretched around my calf with a nice snug fit. However, the stitch pattern has drawn in the fabric more than expected and they looked over stretched. They shrunk vertically to 2½" versus 3" off my leg. That is enough vertical shrinkage to really throw off the size of my design.

Last night, I opened my spreadsheet and worked on the design to add more stitches around the calf. Then I sat down and pulled both socks off the needles and frogged them back to the ribbing. I've reknit 4 rows of the 27 I ripped out. It will take a while to knit enough to see how the fit has changed. Between the computer and other craft projects, my sock knitting progresses slowly unless I visit my mom and get away from distractions.

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