Wednesday, August 27, 2008

UFO/Scrap Busting Report - 8/27/08

I Had No Idea That Was in There

Tackling the challenge of using the rail fence blocks in a quilt top, I decided I needed more rail fence blocks. I started looking through my scrap drawer for fabric. Little did I know what I would find in that scrap drawer!

fabric scraps

First, I discovered fabric left from sewing projects in pieces almost big enough to qualify as yardage. I could cut fat quarters from several pieces. I had no idea that fabric was in the scrap drawer.

rail fence strip set

Then I found part of a rail fence strip set that was big enough to cut two 6 inch squares from. Goodie, less work.

9 patch blocks

Four 9 patch blocks that will finish to 9 inch squares.

little blocks

Look at these little 9 and 4 patch blocks. Note the strips in the lower right waiting to be sewn into 9 patches. These blocks will finish to 3 inch squares.

I envision double 9 patch blocks and a 9 patch with 4 patches in some squares. A quilt with 9 patch blocks will definitely be made.

I found fabric and pieced more rail fence blocks. I pulled strips for a scrappy bargello quilt top while I was going through the scrap drawer. That will be a project for a later date.

Here are the rail fence blocks with some empty space for other blocks. If I show you everything now, the finished top will look much the same. Just giving you a reason to come back.

rail fence blocks

I'm using some 6½ inch orphan blocks as the centers of 3 Square in a Square blocks. The navy fabric I'm using for the triangles is one of the fabrics I found in the scrap drawer. It was left from making a shirt for a family member over a decade ago.

Chef Dish Towel

embroidered dish towel

I pulled out the chef dish towel and put a few stitches in it today. The carrot on the left side of the table top is what I did.

More importantly, I took the towel and the transfer pattern to the ironing board and reapplied parts of the design that had faded from barely visible to invisible. You can now see the lines for window curtains and flowers on the window sill and the caption across the bottom. It's a lot easier to stitch a design you can see.

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