Sunday, January 20, 2008

Project Linus - Third Sunday Group - January

We had a fun afternoon at JoAnns in Independence, MO today. Louise and Lucille returned from their mission trip just in time to join us. Jodie prepared some kits to make Snuggle Up quilt tops. The Snuggle Up pattern is free on the Quiltmaker website.

Snuggle Up quilt top

Snuggle Up top sewn by Jodie. The green print has lizards on it.

Snuggle Up quilt top

Snuggle Up top in a NASCAR theme.

Snuggle Up quilt top

Snuggle Up top sewn by someone who didn't read directions carefully (that would be me). The fabrics move from upper left to lower right instead of lower left to upper right like the pattern. I'm sure the recipient won't care. The multicolor fabric has teddy bears on it.

split rail fence

There were some Split Rail Fence kits left from last month and most of those got stitched up. Jodie stitched this Split Rail top with the orange print.

quilt top in progress - Christy's creation

Christy used one of the Split Rail Fence kits and did her own thing. I believe what she did is sew all/most of the strips together. Then she cross cut the sewn fabric in 2 different widths and turned every other strip 180 degrees to reverse the fabric sequence. We laid everything on the table so I could get a picture, but it is still a few seams short of being a finished top.

star quilt

Anita spent the day working on this star quilt. She not only finished the top, she layered it with batting and backing material and did all the quilting to finish the quilt.

big quick quilt

Debby started the day by finishing the binding on this enlarged version of our Quick Quilt. Then she quilted a more standard quick quilt (shown below - front and back). The Quick Quilt pattern is available on the KC Project Linus patterns page.

quick quilt - front and back

We spent a few minutes remembering Dolores and admiring some afghans she made. We also figured out the stitch pattern she used so Louise and Lucille can teach it to another volunteer who crochets afghans.

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  1. Will you share Dolores' pattern -- it would be a tribute to her to continue making "her" afghans.

    Love the "Snuggle" pattern -- started gathering fabrics from my stash.

    Also am working on a ripple afghan from your pattern -- crochet is my first love.

    I was delighted to hear that you have a lot of UFOs -- I was beginning to think that you finished everything post haste but am happy to know you're just like the rest of us!!!!