Saturday, January 12, 2008

Website Updates - January 2008

I finally sat down and made some updates on my website.

On the Handmade for Charity page,

  • Under Charities Accepting Handmade Items:
    • updated Christmas-at-Sea, House of Dreams, Hugs for Homeless Animals Snuggles Project, Magic Mittens and Mufflers for Mongolian Children, Online Angels, Paula's Knit and Crochet Charity, Socks for Soldiers, and Warm Up America
    • added ChemoCaps, Knit Your Bit, Mother Bear Project, Operation Toasty Toes, Prayer Shawl Ministry, and Stitch for a Cause
    • removed ABC Quilts Project, UFO-rphanage for Quilters, and Webb-Babies
  • Under Other lists of Charity Links
    • added Good Causes and Knitting Charities
    • added Knitting Charities: Knitting for a Better World

On the Granny's Daughter Afghans for Project Linus page, I updated links to other groups using granny's daughter motifs and removed the list of states from which I received motifs.

On my Community Service page, I updated the groups I am involved with and replaced the first picture with a more recent group of caps.

Lastly, I updated the page about my dog, Dallas. Dallas passed away in April 2006 and, even after all this time, it was hard updating her web page.

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