Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mile of Progress

I have 39 Mile-a-Minute blocks that are large enough to trim to 8½ inches square. I'm making a top 5 blocks by 7 blocks, so tomorrow I'm going to trim these blocks and put them up on the design wall to play with an arrangement.

mile-a-minute quilt blocks

I worked every day for 10 days to get enough blocks large enough for my first top. There are 27 more blocks in progress that aren't yet big enough; most by a lot, but a couple only need one more strip added.

mile-a-minute quilt blocks in progress

UFO Report

I've inventoried all of the unfinished projects that I can find. The tally is:

  • 13 quilts
  • 5 Project Linus quilts
  • 11 crochet and knitting projects
  • 7 crossstitch, embroidery, and sewing projects

I remember one sewing project that I don't think I finished, but I can't find it, so it isn't counted. And I'm not going to talk about projects that I bought supplies for and have never started! I'll just say that I found a lot of those that I had forgotten.

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