Thursday, February 28, 2008

Support Your Local Library

stack of books

I stopped at the library to return a book last Friday and left with some serious obstacles to my crafting time. It started innocently enough. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's book Knitting Rules! was recently mentioned on the Sockknitters list, so I went to the knitting books to satisfy my curiosity. While there I noticed "Compassionate Knitting". I had to check that one out to satisfy my charity crafting curiosity. Then I saw "Wendy Knits". Yes, a book from Wendy from I've used one of her sock patterns, so I need to read her book.

I'm holding 3 knitting books and thinking, "Gee, my reading is getting very knit-centric. What about quilting and crochet?" I head to the new books section and find the " Guide to Quilting" and "Kooky Crochet". A couple of shelves away I spied "500 Ideas for Small Spaces." I want to move to a smaller house and let a larger family heat/cool this monster house, so ideas for small spaces are good. So 6 books came home with me last Friday.

stack of books

I'm responsible for two 10-year-old websites, Handcrafting with Love and the site for our KC Project Linus chapter. I want to update both sites for various reasons. I want to make the code standards compliant, so I went searching for a book to learn about XHTML. I found a couple in the library catalog and placed a request. I picked them up today (and returned "Kooky Crochet"). Look at the size of those books! Note to self: check the page count when selecting books online. They both look like good books.

I'm heading to my mom's this weekend, so I'm looking forward to some concentrated sockknitting time and some reading. And very little computer time.

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