Friday, April 25, 2008

Project Linus - Third Sunday Group - April

Our third Sunday Project Linus group met at JoAnns last Sunday and I was there. I'm slow reporting about it, but I was there. However, I did not take my sewing machine. I took my computer. More about that in a minute.

Jodie arrive with a finished blanket. This is a 3 dimensional pinwheel quilt. I think she won the kit as a door prize at one of our big Project Linus events. She finished the top with a flannel back and skipped the batting.

3D pinwheel quilt

Here's a closeup of a pinwheel block. The points are a square of fabric folded on the diagonal twice. The raw edges are included in the seam between 2 background squares. Some child will love this quilt.

closeup of 3D pinwheel block

Louise and Lucille had fabric cut for more (not so Amish) Bars quilt tops like we made last month. There was also fabric cut to make super-sized 9 patch quilt tops. Two new volunteers came and sewed along with Lucille, Louise, Anita, Christy and Jodie. Debby brought a crocheted ripple afghan to work on. Our new chapter coordinator arrived with her new Janome sewing machine and worked on layering some tops with backs and batting. Laurie tied quilts, but arrived with none of the youthful helpers she brought last month.

I brought my laptop computer, a revised brochure and some of the granny squares I was coerced into bringing home from National Make a Blanket Day in February. I'm working on a new design for our chapter website and brought the laptop so I could show a mock up of the design and get input.

I got some really good inputs on the website and now I need to create my page templates and start creating the new pages. I've also been revising our old tri-fold brochure and got inputs on that also. There was no way I was dragging both a 10 pound computer and a 25 pound sewing machine to JoAnns, so I took the granny squares to work on when we weren't discussing the website.

We expected some of last month's blanket tying helpers again this month, so I brought 2 quilts ready to tie and one that needed topstitching around the edge to make it ready to tie. Since Laurie arrived with none of the younger helpers, she tied blankets alone. Below are pictures of the blankets I brought to be tied.

Easy X quiltEasy X block

This is one of my "Easy X" quilts. 10 inch squares of each fabric are cut on both diagonals to make the triangles. The red print has bears in different outfits and poses.

Pinwheel quilt1/4 Pinwheel blockThe bears in this print would have been unrecognizable in an Easy X block, so I only cut the squares once to make this quilt with 4 giant pinwheel blocks.

Framed Purple Floral quilt Framed Purple Floral quilt blocks

Another top featuring those squares of large purple and tan floral fabric. I framed the focus fabric with 2 different fabrics for a quick top. I was running low on the coordinating fabrics after making this top, so I went fabric shopping while I was at JoAnns. Conveniently, the calico fabric was on sale, so I got 5 different fabrics, about 17 yards total. I've got a lot of those purple squares left.

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