Friday, June 20, 2008

Joy of Something Different

Most of my crafting is quilts for Project Linus, hats for City Union Mission and hand knit socks for myself. I'm in a bit of a rut. About a month ago, I bought 6 skeins of Sugar & Cream Twists, in 3 colors, on clearance at Michaels. Cotton yarn is perfect for potholders.

Sugar & Cream Twists yarn

Sugar & Cream Twists has 2 colors of yarn twisted together. It gives the effect of knitting or crocheting with 2 different colors of yarn without the bother of working with 2 separate skeins or the extra bulk. It's a nice change of pace from the cotton yarn I normally use.

I'm not a fan of crocheted or knitted dishcloths; they are too thick and heavy for me. But I love a nice thick crocheted potholder. Several years ago, I learned to make the Double-thick Diagonally Crocheted Potholder, also known as the Magic Square potholder. I also make an extra thick potholder where you crochet through the back loop only, but also reach down and crochet through the unused front loop of the previous row. I think every potholder I've crocheted has been one of these two designs. crochet guide Sandi Marshall blogged about her Southwestern Duo Potholder Patterns right after I bought the S&C Twist. I love Southwestern things, so I sat down with yarn, hook and pattern and look what I made.

southwestern potholder

Next, I think I'll try Priscilla Hewitt's Scalloped Potholder. The stitch pattern on the Circles Potholder at Cathy's Crochet intrigues me. Janelle Schlossman's Easy Basketweave Potholder has such a wonderful texture. I have a pot that the Handle Potholder from Crochet 'n More would be just perfect for. So many choices.

No, I can't make all of these from 6 skeins of Sugar & Cream Twists. But I have other cotton yarn in my stash. And I found yarn that appears to be cotton that still didn't find the right buyer at my latest garage sale, so I've brought it back into the house to become potholders.

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