Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Project Linus - Third Sunday Group - June

Our Project Linus group met at JoAnn's last Sunday and I have lots of pictures to share. This month we concentrated more on finishing blankets rather than making quilt tops.

pair of bar block quilts

Jodie arrived with 3 quilt tops. The 2 above are the same design with different fabric. The blocks are 3 strips of fabric sewn together and cut into squares. The fabric choices make eye catching quilts.

H-block variation

The quilt to the left is made from an H-block pattern, but 2 different fabrics, blue and pink, form the H, making a different design. Jodie layered the 3 tops with flannel backs and got them ready to tie.

bow tie quilt bow tie quilt detail

Louise had finished the blanket from the 3 dimensional bow tie blocks we made last month and brought it to show. The ties are the light fabric and a variety of different background fabrics were used in the squares. An orange border finishes it.

fabric squares

Christy arrived with news that her house finally sold and she's moving to Greenwich, New York in a week. She donated crochet thread to tie blankets and a bunch of fabric scraps. Her sewing machine was not fully functional, so she spent the afternoon cutting fabric scraps into usable squares and strips. Some of the squares are in the picture on the left.

Louise and Lucille arrived with lots of quilt tops, preprinted panels and backing fabric. I brought the batting donated by Fairfield Processing. They used the large table area in one of JoAnns' classrooms to layer batting, backing and quilt tops or preprinted panels. They cut everything to the size of the top and folded each set together. The tables were big enough that they could lay out 3 tops at once, speeding the process.

Thirty-one quilt tops were layered with backing and batting, using at least 31 yards of batting, and there was quite a bit of batting left on the roll. Most of what Lucille and Louise took home to finish is in the photo below.

blankets to finish blanket label

Gaylen arrived with 4 large boxes of blankets from Kansas volunteers. She and Jodie stitched labels on all of them, plus the blankets turned in or finished on Sunday. Clear bags were filled with 10 labeled blankets each, ready for delivery.

blankets to deliver
rainbow squares quilt top

Debby sewed rainbow colored squares together. She's been trying to use up the rainbow stripe since she joined our group last fall. Will she finish the stripe fabric before I finish the purple squares? Time will tell.

animal print fabric

Debby plans to use this cute animal print on the back of her quilt top.

As 4 p.m. approached, we packed up, said our goodbyes to Christy and wished her good luck. Christy was one of our more adventurous blanket makers and will be missed.

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