Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hats for Charity - The June 3

Project: Hats for City Union Mission from local AT&T Telecom Pioneers.

Personal Goal: Make 48 hats in 2008.
Hats made in June: 3
Hats made Jan. thru June: 27

This report is really late. I was getting really tired of working with the Red Heart Symphony and only made 3 hats in June. With all that fuzz it's hard to see the stitches and the fuzz closes up the holes and makes it hard to get the crochet hook in.

crochet cap

Cap # 1 is a "Formula" hat made in half double crochet with a ribbed brim of front and back post double crochet stitches. The yarn is Red Heart Symphony. The main color is magenta with a tundra stripe.

crochet spiral skull cap

Cap #2 is a spiral skull cap. It's worked in half double crochet with front and back post double crochet. I'm writing up the instructions. Don't hold your breath, but maybe I'll get it ready for the website before summer is over. The yarn is Lion Brand WoolEase, color tundra, with the brim in magenta Red Heart Symphony. I used every bit of the WoolEase, which was a partial skein left from another project.

waffle weave cap

Cap #3 is a modified version of my waffle weave cap pattern, which you can find on the patterns page. I did a k2, p2 ribbing and I did 3 rows of k2, p2 and 3 rows of p2, k2 for the pattern stitch. The yarn is Red Heart Symphony in the color redwood. This is a great color for a teen boy or a man. The fuzzy yarn obscures the stitch pattern, but it's still more visually interesting than stockinette stitch.

My July hat output is already at 4. I found a way out of the June hat slump; I put the rest of the Symphony away for a while.

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