Friday, August 22, 2008

UFO/Scrap Busting Report - 8/22/08

granny's daughter afghan closeup

The Granny's Daughter afghan is done! I finished it this morning while watching "Stargate: The Ark of Truth" on DVD, borrowed from my local library. The afghan needs to be washed before turning it in to my local Project Linus chapter. Hopefully laundering will remove, or at least sanitize, the cat hair that Dusty donated to the effort.

granny's daughter afghan

The finished size is about 41½" wide by 51½" long. There are 30 motifs per row and 20 rows. This is the largest Granny's Daughter afghan that I've made, but it's still smaller than the pattern specifications. Between the motifs and the crocheted joining, it makes a heavy afghan.

I don't think I'll make another this large, but it was nice to use lots of motifs. I measured the depth of motifs in the copy paper box they are stored in. This afghan reduced the depth from 7½" to 5½". Looks like about 3 more of these afghans from donated motifs, not counting the overly small and overly large motifs.

I have a hat from some of the remaining Red Heart Symphony yarn almost done. I started Wednesday during my 1½ hour wait for my car to be serviced. It was a good project to work on there. I worked on it a little last night and all that is left is the brim.

I've done little sewing this week. Too much Olympics and too much nonproductive time on the computer. I discovered a new online arcade game and spent way too much time playing it. I won't reveal the name of the game or the website to protect any easily distracted readers. All the Olympic watching and game playing left me short on sleep, so there have been several daytime naps to catch up.

Better go load the dishwasher and get ready to watch the new episode of Stargate Atlantis.

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