Monday, October 20, 2008

Project Linus - Third Sunday Group - October

Our 3rd Sunday group met at JoAnns yesterday. We were a small group, just Lucille, Louise, Anita, Debby and I. We represented the walking wounded: Louise broke a shoulder last month, Debby has a painful hip and I'm still nursing my strained right wrist. My wrist is getting better, except when I absentmindedly put weight on it Thursday. Ouch!

Debby spent the afternoon tying blankets and finished several. Anita stitched on some blankets she brought. I quilted a preprinted panel that I started quilting on Saturday - still a bit of quilting left on that. Louise and Lucille used the pillowcase method to get a bunch of tops sandwiched with batting and backing and ready to quilt.

One lady stopped by to drop off 14 crocheted afghans she had made. Two women and 2 girls dropped off 2 bags of preemie-sized fleece blankets the girls had made. They had some really cute fleece prints. I brought the yarn, a lot of the fabric and a roll of batting that I acquired during my Albuquerque vacation. I know Louise and Lucille will put it to good use or pass it on to one of our volunteers who make afghans.

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