Saturday, January 10, 2009

Project Linus - Third Sunday Group - December

I'm not catching up on the things I want to blog about very well. Our 3rd Sunday Project Linus group met on December 21 and after 3 weeks, my memories are fading. Most of our small group braved the single digit temperatures and winds that made it feel well below 0° Fahrenheit.

I took some donated blankets that needed more ties or quilting to hold the batting. Alice joined us for the afternoon and she and Lucille tied quilts. I added quilting to 2 blankets using a decorative stitch. It looked great, but the decorative stitching is slow compared to a straight or zig-zag stitch. Louise pieced some quilt tops.

Beth stopped by to turn in 6 quilts. We insisted on show and tell and I remembered to get my camera out in time to get photos of the last 2.

4-Patch Quilt

First a 4-patch quilt with a cute print fabric.

Striped Quilt

And a quilt that is strips of fabric sewn together, the full width of the quilt. Two wider strips of of a fun print add interest.

Jodie brought a Yellow Brick Road quilt top that she made from auto racing themed fabrics. She added a black border and used a checkered flag print fleece for the back. Then she tied the quilt.

Auto Racing themed Yellow Brick Road Quilt

JoAnn's had several 50% off coupons good that day, so I finished the afternoon with a little shopping. We wanted purple crochet thread to tie one of the quilts, but there was none in the collection of quilt-tieing supplies. I told Louise and Lucille (keepers of those supplies) to pick out 3 balls of crochet thread and I'd buy them. I also bought a few yards of a cute jungle print flannel that was on sale.

Purchases: crochet thread and fabric

My sales receipt said I saved more than I spent. That's the kind of shopping I like! We loaded our cars and moved some blankets from Alice's car to mine and headed home.

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