Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fleece Blanket Roundup

I've finished 5 fleece blankets in the last 9 days, 3 with crocheted edgings and 2 with other finishes.

crochet edging on fleece

This tone on tone yellow/gold fleece edged with a multicolor yarn is one of my favorites. I added one round of solid green between the rounds of variegated for added interest.

crochet edging on fleece

This piece of donated fleece with the pink, lavender and orange circles is why I was happy to get my orange yarn back last Sunday. I kept the edging simple, a foundation of half double crochet and around of single crochet. Some will love this, but orange isn't my color.

crochet edging on fleece

I have quite a bit of this navy fleece with the fish, so time to start turning it into blankets. There were lots of color choices for the edging, but the orange was already out.

looped fringe

This wonderful pink print is more fleece that was donated to Project Linus. I cut a 4" square from each corner and turned under 2" on each side. I stitched the edges down with a zig-zag stitch, then cut loops that are 3/4" wide. The looped fringe is a fun finish.

picket fence fringe

I finished this red fleece with black paw prints with picket fence fringe. I fringed the 2 ends and left the sides straight. For more decorative sides, you can use pinking shears or a wavy rotary cutter blade. The picket fence fringe is cut 2½" long and 1¼" wide and then the end is cut in a point.

I bought lots of fleece the day after Thanksgiving. Between that and fleece that was donated to Project Linus, I've still got fleece for at least 2 dozen blankets. I've also got some smaller pieces to mix and match to make blankets.

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